The Daily Office pattern

                                                                I am. I can. That is my name.
                     The Cosmic Kindom is here and now!

With open heart and our mind
we celebrate that we are one
with the totality of all being,
and its expression, the language of the Cosmos,
and its grammar, the Wisdom that orders all spacetime.

We marvel at the boundlessness of the Kindom,
its glorious meaning unfolding in our conscious minds.

Grace. Grace. Grace. All is grace.

Now in wonder and awe 
we fall silent in the presence of mystery
that is the source and totality of our being
and the goal of our longing,
utterly awesome,
glorious light
unbounded grace!

As we rejoice in the gift of this day,
so may our hearts catch fire
with love for all life and for our neighbour,
now and always.
This is our course,
following in the steps of the Pioneers of the Way of Wisdom,
and those who utter their Yes
to all that has been, all that is, and all that shall be.

We add our voice to the music of the Cosmos




Song or hymn

Being mindful of the world beyond

Collect of the day


The Yearnings of the Pioneers of the Way of Wisdom

Awesome is the totality of all being,
and goal of our longing!

The grace of our Kindom is our heart’s desire,
to see accomplished in us, as in all the Cosmos,
 Wisdom’s purposes:

to be content with bread we are given each day,
 and the whole world with enough to eat.
 nourished by generosity;

to be forgiven, for our failure to be gracious;
to forgive others, for their failure to be gracious;

to be kept from all that distracts us from loving;
and to be free from all that holds us enthralled.

For in the Kindom
  we find the power and the will
  to live, to love, and to sing
  in glorious harmony
  from age to age.
Truly, truly. Yes!



We entrust ourselves and our life together
to the gracious purposes of the Kindom;
that we may be blessed and kept as one,
with each other, and with the whole Cosmos.