‘And then they came for me …..’

Same-sex Marriage is here, but is it here to stay? Anti-progressives in the U.S. want to eliminate drag artistes. If no-one speaks up for them, who who will they target next? Trans people? Like-minded politicians in the U.K. already are already coming for them. And then, who? It will be others in the LGBTQ+ community that they’ll want to eliminate. Their attacks are undeniably gathering pace. They are saying their god is punishing the world, blaming natural disasters on societies that allow same-sex couples to marry. Expect the next attack to revoke their right to marriage. Most of these politicians and their backers are people of one faith or another. They see their chief backer is their god. Yes, some people of faith do say that their god is more benign than that. But I can understand why so many LGBTQ+ people have rejected organised religions and all  their gods.

Now, Quakers in the UK were the first faith group to celebrate same-sex marriages, but they still do have an inclusion issue. Quakers in the U.K. have also become, in the last few decades, very affirming and accepting of those who have no religious faith, or a non-theist spirituality, one that does not express itself through the use of god-words. But Quaker practice has yet to catch up with the reality of inclusiveness. Non-theist Friends cannot marry in a Meeting house if they cannot say the prescribed words, which refer to “divine assistance” and to “god”. The only option for them is to marry in a civil ceremony.  Even Quakers in Britain have not achieved full equal marriage until it is open even to non-theists.